August 2021

Youth Ministry Internship Job Description


Youth Ministry Intern:

Work with senior pastor and  deacons to assist students of all age groups growing in Biblical principles. The youth ministry internship role is to develop the next Christian generation and to draw students of all ages to be closer to God and the church:

  • Organize, take lead, and/or participate in youth and young adult activities (youth retreats, VBS, weekly youth/young adult Bible study, etc.) with prior approvals from Muc Su and BCS
  • Participate in all official church events including church services
  • Work in conjunction with Sunday school teachers to develop children tracks and lead Sunday school classes as needed
  • Must carry out at least one special event for children or youths or young adults every month
  • Internship is three (3) months in length with optional extension based on performance evaluation at the end of each three months period from pastor and deacons
  • Required average 15 – 20 hrs/week



  • Dearly love God, love being a Christian, and have a strong desire to serve others according to foundational Biblical teachings
  • Minimum completed two years of undergraduate or have a degree or currently enrolled in theological seminary
  • At least two (2) years of church leadership experience
  • Must have strong leadership qualities
  • Fluent in English with excellent public speaking skills — verbally, written, and technologically (Power Point, Word, etc)
  • Able to communicate verbally in Vietnamese (reading/writing in Vietnamese is a plus)
  • Two references: 1) home-church pastor and 2) Christian family member or other Christian leader(s) in the church
  • Must have a driver license and a reliable transportation
  • Must be available on location throughout the internship period unless with prior coordination with pastor and deacons

Pay: $1,800/month       



August 2021 – Youth Ministry Internship



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