Chúa Nhật ngày 19 tháng 9, 2021


Mục Sư Lê Thành Chung

Kinh Thánh: Giăng 13:1-17 (John 13:1-17)

Câu Gốc: Giăng 13:17 (John 13:17)

To listen this Sermon by English, please click on the link below


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  1. I am Ben Bounds, a Baptist Missionary providing monthly support and on-going training for 47 Vietnamese church-planters in Viet Nam. We need help with the translation of the Reports from our 47 supported church-planters in Viet Nam because our National Director Pastor Kim Cuong Nguyen’s English is too weak. Would you be so kind as to ask for volunteers in your church who are fluent in both Vietnamese and English to help us with 5 or 10 translations each per 3-month Quarter? They will be so blessed by reading the reports and viewing the pictures that accompany most of the reports.
    Please email me at or call me 615-822-4229 so that we can discuss our need of translators for our ministry and what is involved.

    In His Service,
    Benjamin R. Bounds, Founder/Director
    Faith International Partners, Inc.

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